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March 1, 2013

Homophobolicious! Or, hatred, deliciously prepared, and laid lovingly on a bun

TweetI’ve been warning about this for years:  the surrender of meaning to committed and politicized interpretive communities — which can only come about once we as a society have legitimated an incoherent idea about how language functions — will lead … Continue reading

01. March 2013 by Jeff G.

January 13, 2013

“A conspiracy so immense”: ideological commitment and the timidity of pragmatic politics

Tweet“What will it take for the mainstream media to cover the progressive movement?” Washington Free Beacon: Let’s pretend that in the spring of 2012 Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, John Engler of the Business Roundtable, Tim Phillips of … Continue reading

13. January 2013 by Jeff G.

January 10, 2013

The curse of right-wing textualism

TweetRevealed, yet again — and yet again by a “conservative” lawyer.  Starting to see a trend? [H]ere’s what we’re talking about. 31 U.S.C. § 5112(k): The Secretary may mint and issue platinum bullion coins and proof platinum coins in accordance … Continue reading

10. January 2013 by Jeff G.

October 18, 2012

Immersion criticism, intentionalism, and textualism

TweetThis is the first time I’ve heard the term immersion criticism, but as a descriptor of the interpretive methodology it’s trying to capture, it’s perfectly apt.  Essentially, immersion criticism is nothing more, really, than intensive close reading of a text … Continue reading

18. October 2012 by Jeff G.

October 16, 2012

“Justice Stevens: Second Amendment is ‘no obstacle’ to banning automatic weapons”

Tweet…and that’s because to “liberal” Justices who practice a form of Living Constitutional textualism whereby the intent of the founders and framers can be ignored and the application of signifiers can legitimately be rewritten — that is, turned into new … Continue reading

16. October 2012 by Jeff G.

October 14, 2012

“Stealth Jihad: New York Review of Books calls for criminalizing of criticism of Islam”

TweetAtlas Shrugs — who the respectable right has learned to run from — argues persuasively against the stances being adopted more and more by the self-appointed sophisticates on the left who, at heart, follow an ideological path that as I’ve … Continue reading

14. October 2012 by Jeff G.

October 5, 2012

On intentionalism and “boys”

TweetKevin Baker, Harper’s: [Obama]didn’t show a spark of anger, even when Romney slyly found a way to call him a boy, comparing Obama’s statements to the sorts of childish lies his ‘five boys’ used to tell.  How the right’s hard-core … Continue reading

05. October 2012 by Jeff G.

September 28, 2012

Intentionalism, distilled

TweetCourtesy of zamoose, via Twitter, and found here:

28. September 2012 by Jeff G.

September 26, 2012

My “mental health” problems, revealed!

TweetNote:  Inside baseball. Read at your own peril. **** Some folks on Twitter yesterday expressed concern/confusion/dismay over my repeated and pointed attempts to contact both Michelle Malkin and Allah Pundit — with limited success. Actually, it went further that just … Continue reading

26. September 2012 by Jeff G.

September 24, 2012

The rape of intent: “Austin Man Hangs Empty Chair From Tree Symbolizing President Obama”

TweetThe proof of your racism is the fact that we see it.  You can deny it — as “investigative journalists” we’ll fight for your right to burn a flag or shit on a police car or burn Bushhitler puppetes in … Continue reading

24. September 2012 by Jeff G.

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