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August 22, 2015

Weekend at Bernie’s [Darleen Click]

TweetJust gotta love Michael Ramirez *Hillary in The Hamptons As the Democratic front-runner broke from the campaign trail, where she has been dogged by the email scandal connected to her time at the State Department, and headed for her annual … Continue reading

22. August 2015 by Darleen
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August 21, 2015

Semper Fi: Two Marines prevent certain massacre aboard train bound for Paris [Darleen Click]

TweetThe Daily Mail identifies the Americans as Marines. One of the hero Marines who foiled a planned terror attack on a French train was shot in the neck while disarming the crazed gunman on Friday. The two unarmed servicemen spotted … Continue reading

21. August 2015 by Darleen
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August 20, 2015

Jindal to counter Pro-Planned Parenthood rally by screening exposé videos outside mansion [Darleen Click]

TweetAwesome idea … Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will try to counter a pro-Planned Parenthood rally scheduled to take place outside his mansion on Thursday by running a loop of the secretly recorded videos that they plan to protest. Jindal announced … Continue reading

20. August 2015 by Darleen
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August 20, 2015

Denver City Council Mullahs reject Constitution’s freedom of conscience [Darleen Click]

TweetLeft totalitarianism will not brook any dissent … Chick-fil-A’s reputation as an opponent of same-sex marriage has imperiled the fast-food chain’s potential return to Denver International Airport, with several City Council members this week passionately questioning a proposed concession agreement. … Continue reading

20. August 2015 by Darleen
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August 20, 2015

“Bring me the head of Scott Walker” [Darleen Click]

TweetAh…the famed civility of the Left! Remember, Sarah Palin’s graphic of cross-hairs on a political map was responsible for Gabby Gifford’s shooting … but channeling ISIS? Nothing to see! Move.on.

20. August 2015 by Darleen
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August 20, 2015

When the ‘right to die’ becomes an ‘obligation to participate’ [Darleen Click]

TweetThe Left’s utilitarian view of humanity — from Planned Parenthood’s baby butchery to Europe’s expanding euthanasia If you were a psychiatrist and a chronically depressed patient told you he wanted to die, what would you do? In Belgium, you might … Continue reading

20. August 2015 by Darleen
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August 19, 2015

Hey, what’s not to trust about the Iranians? [Darleen Click]

TweetSure, they are radical collectivists, anti-human rights, Nazi-loving, fundamental Islamic nutburgers who wouldn’t mind seeing the world on fire as long as it gets rid of all the icky Jews and Christians … but we can trust them, right? VIENNA … Continue reading

19. August 2015 by Darleen
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August 18, 2015

Isn’t orange just the most appropriate color for Hillary? [Darleen Click]

Tweet The only thing missing is her prison number.

18. August 2015 by Darleen
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August 17, 2015

Obama Admin intervenes on behalf of Palestinian terrorists against American victims & families [Darleen Click]

TweetI guess for Obama the Jew-cooties of Israel rubbed off on the Americans who happened to be in Israel got in the way of Palestinians trying to slaughter Jews. Even as the families of the victims in Sokolow v. PLO … Continue reading

17. August 2015 by Darleen
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August 17, 2015

“5 questions every abortion supporter must answer.” [Darleen Click]

TweetClarity before agreement, leaving aside emotion and legality — Dennis Prager poses the pertinent moral questions.

17. August 2015 by Darleen
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