April 26, 2015

The Left’s tribalism will always be at odds with the demands of liberty [Darleen Click]

The Left’s rigid orthodoxy and thought-policing is pretty obvious to the heretics and apostates.

If you belong to one of the favored, pet demographics — female, black, gay, etc — you will be treasured as long as you conform to the dogma. Otherwise

SHUT-UP traitor …

If you are a white, or honorary white, male


The courage of young people to resist the dominate narrative, social shaming (even punishment) needs to be showcased.

Last night a Facebook notification showed up on my screen. A friend had posted a picture to my wall.

What I saw disgusted me.

The commenter said, “[Rand Paul] is pretty much regarded as a racist, sexist, a**hole along with the rest of his party.”

Because I am a black woman, the commenter said I was foolish for liking Rand Paul.

I identify as a constitutional conservative. The most important political issue to me is the application of the Constitution. That’s not going to change in 2016. […]

[A]ccording to the post I was reading, my love for the Constitution is not supposed to be my primary issue.

Social problems are.

I am supposed to support the candidate who panders to minorities. I am supposed to support the candidate who places women above men in a misguided approach to equality. I am supposed to support the candidate who offers free contraception. I am supposed to support the candidate that speaks softly to me in idealistic sweet nothings, telling me only what I want to hear, thinking I am not smart enough to care about the state of our economy.

But despite my color, gender, economic standing, sexual preference or any other imaginable category, I refuse to let the world define me by of what they see on the outside. That’s something progressives always insist on doing.

I want no part of it.

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April 26, 2015

“The Left discovers the value of fake hate crimes.” [Darleen Click]

Kevin D. Williamson

Fake hate crimes, like false rape accusations, now are a regular part of college life, and they serve the same purpose: a pretext for terrorizing unpopular individuals and organizations.

The hoaxers rarely if ever endure any serious punishment. Punishment is reserved for the innocent.

Or the mostly innocent. Given the low intellectual climate on George Washington’s campus, the Jewish student returning from a trip to India with a Hindu symbol of auspiciousness — the Sanskrit word is svastika — surely must have known what he might be stirring when he tacked it up on the bulletin board belonging to his Jewish fraternity. He has been expelled from the fraternity and banished from the campus, and probably will be expelled from the university. Compare that with the treatment of “Jackie,” the University of Virginia student whose manufactured tale of a brutal gang rape sent that campus into convulsions — nothing happened. The student who originally complained about the swastika retracted his complaint after learning that the iconography in question was Hindu rather than Nazi — that he’d assumed the wrong kind of Aryan — but none of that matters to university administrators. […]

You cannot not notice a swastika.

But that doesn’t mean that you must proceed as though you are too stupid to tell the difference between Nazi vandalism and something that is — let’s be clear here — not Nazi vandalism. But those are the wages of multiculturalism, which is a moral pose that has displaced the actual study of culture — and cult is the first word in culture, which is why the study of religious thinking and tradition is a necessary part of any liberal education. Part of the value of a liberal education is that it helps you to avoid doing stupid things, e.g. effectively criminalizing the display of an ancient religious symbol in an institution purportedly dedicated in some part to the study of the liberal arts. […]

It is impossible to imagine educating in that environment. No doubt GWU students wishing to study the works of Max Müller, the great Sanskrit scholar, would have to endure a raft of trigger warnings, sign a legal waiver, and produce a note from Mommy before being allowed to crack open the Upanishads.

George Washington University is a private school, and as such it ought to be allowed to expel students for whatever reason it likes — swastikas, Crocs, being this girl. But the public universities are, if anything, even more ruthless policemen of speech and thought than are their private counterparts. And the modern public university — which is simply a beery extension of the modern public kindergarten — is a sort of terrarium version of the utopia that our progressive friends are always promising us. It is public, but you are there at the sufferance of those who operate these intellectual veal-pens. For the Left, the citizen exists at the sufferance of the state, not the other way around. Free speech on campus, if it is to be tolerated at all, is restricted to First Amendment “zones” — as though there were not a First Amendment zone stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Say the wrong thing on a college campus and you will be threatened with state-sanctioned violence.

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April 25, 2015

Poe’s Law: “Why did those self-sufficient females invent males?” [Darleen Click]

The enlightened Social Justice Warrior unFemale laments unher own existence

In addition to women’s superiority in judgment, their trustworthiness, reliability, fairness, working and playing well with others, relative freedom from distracting sexual impulses, and lower levels of prejudice, bigotry, and violence, they live longer, have lower mortality at all ages, are more resistant to most categories of disease, and are much less likely to suffer brain disorders that lead to disruptive and even destructive behavior. And, of course, they can produce new life from their own bodies, to which men add only the tiniest biological contribution — and one that soon could be done without. […]

Contrary to all received wisdom, women are more logical and less emotional than men. Women do cry more easily, and that, too, is partly biological. But life on this planet isn’t threatened by women’s tears; nor does that brimming salty fluid cause poverty, drain public coffers, ruin reputations, impose forced intimacies, slay children, torture helpless people, or reduce cities to rubble. These disasters are literally man-made. They result from men’s emotions, which are a constant distraction to them.

I’ve been told that I’m too hard on men — that I should recognize that most men are not guilty of violence, rape, promiscuity, or warmongering. Of course they’re not. But the minority that is guilty of those things is dangerously large — many times larger than it is in women — and that minority has put a strong stamp on human history. In fact, you might say it is largely responsible for history. This is part of what Simone de Beauvoir meant when she said, in The Second Sex, “The problem of woman has always been a problem of men.” […]

There is a birth defect that is surprisingly common, affecting a key pair of chromosomes. In the normal condition the two look the same, but in this disorder one is shrunken beyond recognition. The result is shortened life span, higher mortality at all ages, an inability to reproduce, premature hair loss, and brain defects variously resulting in attention deficit, hyperactivity, conduct disorder, hypersexuality, and an enormous excess of both outward and self-directed aggression. The main mechanism is androgen poisoning. I call it the X-chromosome deficiency syndrome, and a stunning 49 percent of the human species is affected.

It is also called maleness.

To call being male a syndrome is not an arbitrary judgment. It is based on evolution, physiology, development, and susceptibility to disease. Once, all of our ancestors could reproduce from their own bodies; we were all basically female. When biologists ask why sex evolved, they are not asking rhetorically — the fact that sex feels good was a nice addition. What they are asking is: Why did those self-sufficient females invent males?

via Glenn Reynolds, who adds “The eliminationist rhetoric just gets more and more open.”


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April 24, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Tanner!

3 years ago this morning you were removed, along with lots of other things, from your erstwhile living womb during an emergency C-section. Papa’s face was white when he and Mom were told, during what was supposed to be an induced delivery, that your heartbeat couldn’t be detected, and as Mom was subsequently rushed to the ER.

But as is your wont, you were just being stubborn and testing boundaries — who, after all, was some doctor to decide when you would come into the world on your own accord — and when you entered the outside world as an official post fetus human, you were completely healthy, with every test concluding you had problem whatever with your heart.

— Which, fast-forward 3 years, I could have told anyone. Because having met you and having experienced your generosity and your compassion, I am in no doubt whatsoever of your heart, which is as big as it is open and as strong as it is kind.

Happy Birthday, Belly Bean. And yes, you can start wrestling next fall. If you behave, and if you’re potty trained by then.

The rest is on you, little man.

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April 24, 2015

#Hillary2016 : your religious and cultural beliefs will be changed [Darleen Click]

Hillary returns to her “we must not tolerate UnGood Thoughts” theme, this time on abortion

NEW YORK — Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a feminist tone on Thursday. She told attendees at the sixth annual Women in The World Summit that “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” for the sake of giving women access to “reproductive health care and safe childbirth.”

“Far too many women are denied access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth, and laws don’t count for much if they’re not enforced. Rights have to exist in practice — not just on paper,” Clinton said.

“Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will,” she explained. “And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed. As I have said and as I believe, the advancement of the full participation of women and girls in every aspect of their societies is the great unfinished business of the 21st century and not just for women but for everyone — and not just in far away countries but right here in the United States.

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April 24, 2015

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge [Darleen Click]

The Inspiration:


A story:

It was a punishing summer, crops and townfolk fading under a relentless sun.

They rolled in with the dust at the edge of town with tents of gaudy gypsy color, crackling torchlight glinting off spangles. Hungry from our months of sun-leeched existence, their bazaar bewitched us.

Fried delicacies entranced the children, the menfolk sampling exotic drink, the women drawn to silks and potions of promise. A night of wild music and abandon.

I huddle in a root cellar listening to the fire and screams that consume the town. I write furiously in the dark, a witness to the approaching doom.


Now, your turn.

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April 23, 2015

Sorry …. [Darleen Click]

Sorry for the light ..

no …

… mostly non-existent posting today. At hospital this morning while my 86 y/o dad had a radio-frequency ablation of a cancer tumor in his liver. Went well, he’s home and mom is (as I write) fixing a light supper of scrambled eggs, salad and tea.

(they celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary next Tuesday)

I’m happy things went real well, but now grumbling about the horrid Lynch vote.

F*ckers at the RNC had better stop calling me because while now I only hang up on them, next time I’m going to scorch the phone line.

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April 22, 2015

#EarthDay2015 Let’s CELEBRATE modernity & fossil fuels! [Darleen Click]

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April 21, 2015

U.S. Court Recognizes Chimpanzees As “Legal Persons” [Darleen Click]

Hailed as “historic moment for animal rights” …

Hercules and Leo, who are currently used for biomedical experiments at Stony Brook University on Long Island, were granted habeas corpus by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe.

Habeas corpus is a legal petition that detainees use to seek relief from unlawful imprisonment, and by granting habeas corpus to chimps, Jaffe endorsed the idea that they deserve the rights of a human being.

Advocates argue great apes are highly intelligent and self-aware beings with complex emotional lives that deserve basic rights, including the right to be free of inhumane punishment.

One million unborn human beings killed by abortion last year were unavailable for comment.

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April 20, 2015

Liberal Fascism in Wisconsin [Darleen Click]

“No one should ever endure what my family endured.”

Someone was pounding at her front door. It was early in the morning — very early — and it was the kind of heavy pounding that meant someone was either fleeing from — or bringing — trouble.

“It was so hard. I’d never heard anything like it. I thought someone was dying outside.”

She ran to the door, opened it, and then chaos. “People came pouring in. For a second I thought it was a home invasion. It was terrifying. They were yelling and running, into every room in the house. One of the men was in my face, yelling at me over and over and over.”

It was indeed a home invasion, but the people who were pouring in were Wisconsin law-enforcement officers. Armed, uniformed police swarmed into the house. Plainclothes investigators cornered her and her newly awakened family. Soon, state officials were seizing the family’s personal property, including each person’s computer and smartphone, filled with the most intimate family information.


As if the home invasion, the appropriation of private property, and the verbal abuse weren’t enough, next came ominous warnings.

Don’t call your lawyer.

Don’t tell anyone about this raid. Not even your mother, your father, or your closest friends. […]

Yes, Wisconsin, the cradle of the progressive movement and home of the “Wisconsin idea” — the marriage of state governments and state universities to govern through technocratic reform — was giving birth to a new progressive idea, the use of law enforcement as a political instrument, as a weapon to attempt to undo election results, shame opponents, and ruin lives.

Most Americans have never heard of these raids, or of the lengthy criminal investigations of Wisconsin conservatives. For good reason. Bound by comprehensive secrecy orders, conservatives were left to suffer in silence as leaks ruined their reputations, as neighbors, looking through windows and dismayed at the massive police presence, the lights shining down on targets’ homes, wondered, no doubt, What on earth did that family do? This was the on-the-ground reality of the so-called John Doe investigations, expansive and secret criminal proceedings that directly targeted Wisconsin residents because of their relationship to Scott Walker, their support for Act 10, and their advocacy of conservative reform.

Please read the whole rage-inducing, stomach-churning article.

There is not enough tar-and-feathers available to adequately take care of the Democrats behind this “process as punishment” legal terrorism used against families for the crime of committing Speaking While Conservative.

h/t Jeff

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