October 13, 2015

Breaking children [Darleen Click]

The foundational principle of “Progressive” or Leftist dogma can be summed up with the video the DNC proudly produced — “We all belong to the Government”

Unfortunately, for them, there exist people who disagree. We individualistic reprobates — classical liberals, constitutional conservatives, libertarians — may quibble over 20-30% of specific issues, but we hold that there are no such thing as group rights and Government exists at our pleasure, not vice versa.

Get off my lawn.

Which brings us to the Left’s long march to change our relationship to the Government. Universities and colleges, long given to the latest in Leftist navel gazing, pretentious outrage and virtue signaling have turned into elaborate daycare centers where emotional neediness is exploding …

College students are seeking counselling at an unprecedented rate because they are having ’emotional crises’ over everyday life, a psychologist has claimed.

Peter Gray said he was invited to a major university to talk about student resilience and found counselling services had conducted twice as many appointments in recent years because of increasing ‘neediness’.

The Boston College Professor added that faculty members are now afraid to give low grades because of ’emotional fragility’.

They also feel like they have to do more ‘hand-holding’ and avoid challenging their students as a result, he claims.

And while there are occasional warnings about the dangers of helicopter parenting, we are all treated to some very public displays of the power of the government punishing parents who try and bring up independent children.

For the Left to complete their mission, they need a submissive populace. Nothing must be left to chance, so no child should be left behind.

Time to call in the Recess Police Consultants.

Consider this: several Minnesota public schools have hired “recess consultants” to create structured playground activities for students during the brief part of the day when kids are supposedly free to do something creative on their own. According to The Minneapolis Star Tribune:vintage-children-playing

Two Edina elementary schools, worried about the politics of the playground, are taking an unusual step to police it: They have hired a recess consultant.

Some parents have welcomed the arrival of the firm Playworks, which says recess can be more inclusive and beneficial to children if it’s more structured and if phrases like, “Hey, you’re out!” are replaced with “good job” or “nice try.”

But some of the kids at Concord and Normandale Elementary say they are confused, or that the consultants are ruining their play time.

“The philosophy of Playworks does not fit Concord,” said Kathy Sandven, a parent of twin boys who attend the school. “It is a structured philosophy — an intervention philosophy — not allowing kids for free play.”

Playworks has been in operation since 1996. In fairness to the organization, Playworks claims that it doesn’t take control of kids’ recess time; it just provides safe, inclusive activities for students who have trouble making friends and participating in recess on their own. It can also point to studies showing that Playworks programs reduce bullying and accident rates.

But while the Tribune story takes great pains to present Playworks in the best possible light, the recess consultants certainly seem disruptive in practice (and are disliked by a whole lot of kids and parents):

Forest Elementary in Robbinsdale Area Schools spends $14,500 for an on-site coordinator to spend one week a month at the school.

At the school, recess is made up of clear adult-facilitated activities.

On a day last week, a kindergartner said he wanted to play basketball. A recess coach explained that wasn’t a choice at the time; he decided to play another game.

Kids need the space, and the experience, of dealing with their peers all on their own. From inventing games, testing their limits, negotiating and settling differences — this needs to be done without any adult supervision or input.

Back in the age of Extreme Patriarchal Oppression of the late 50’s-60’s, my grade school playground was run by us kids. Oh, yes a teacher or two lurked at the periphery — there to break up serious fights or to accompany a child with a bleeding knee to the nurse’s office (our playground was asphalt), but all the games were kid organized and kid run. Kind of like it was when we played outside at home after school or on the weekends.

Something else, too, that is sadly missing these days.

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October 11, 2015

EEEEK! Dastardly Republicans are trying to kick Women out of the COUNTRY!! [Darleen Click]

You have to wonder just how early in the morning DNC Spokeshole Debbie Wasserman-Schultz starts drinking.

The Republicans are trying to out-right wing each other. Look, between the fifteen Republican candidates who are left — all of whom are trying to out-Trump Donald Trump — by saying, “Yeah let’s kick women. Let’s kick them and immigrants out of this country. Let’s take away health care from women.”

Obviously, drinking takes so much of her time she can’t even shower and comb her hair.

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October 10, 2015

RIP Dave Meyers [Darleen Click]

If you followed UCLA basketball during the 1970’s, part of the John Wooden years, you will remember Dave Meyers.

Dave Meyers, the star player on John Wooden’s 10th and final national championship basketball team at UCLA, died Friday at his home in Temecula after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 62.

Meyers played on two Bruins national title teams, as a reserve in 1973 and as the star player in ’75.

Dave Meyers - Sports Illustrated 1975

After that ’75 season, the 6-foot-8 Meyers was named a consensus All-American and became the second pick in the NBA draft. He was taken by the Lakers. David Thompson from North Carolina State was the first pick.

Nineteen days after the NBA draft, Meyers was part of perhaps the biggest trade in league history. He was sent by the Lakers, along with Junior Bridgeman, Brian Winters and Elmore Smith, to the Milwaukee Bucks for Walt Wesley and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Meyers, who was born in San Diego in 1953, was one of 11 children of Bob and Pat Meyers. Bob was a basketball star at Marquette University in Milwaukee in the mid-1940s, but eventually settled his family in Southern California. […]

Meyers was also known as a private person, who shocked the sports world in 1980 — five years into a productive and lucrative pro career with the Bucks — by announcing that he was leaving the NBA to spend more time with his family.

“Remember, David played for an unbelievable teacher at UCLA,” Meyers Drysdale said, referring to Wooden. “He was taught more about life than about basketball.”

Meyers returned to California, and after a stint in sales for Motorola received his teaching certificate and taught elementary school — mostly fourth and sixth grade — for more than 30 years. He began teaching in Yorba Linda and later taught in Temecula.

Dave Meyers was one year ahead of me at Sonora High School, La Habra, California. He led our basketball team to CIF championship in 1971. He was always a gentle soul and will be sorely missed.

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October 10, 2015

“We remember a man who killed 6 million people and called it social improvement.” [Darleen Click]

The more things change …

Meanwhile, Time magazine celebrates the murdering coward Che and how he didn’t let asthma slow him down.

Latson led her article, titled “How Che Guevara Didn’t Let Asthma Affect His Ambitions,” with her “even greater threat to his revolutionary ambitions” line about the leftist’s asthma, and noted that “asthma was a constant threat from his earliest youth.” She continued with an account of the physical abuse that Guevara’s father inflicted on his “tiny and sickly” son when he was a child, which “instead of toughening him up…left him with a persistent cough and severe asthma.”

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October 9, 2015

Thanks, Hillary! [Darleen Click]

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October 9, 2015

Shorter Matt Yglesias: Sure Leftists lie, cheat, steal. It is good that we do. [Darleen Click]

Because, let’s face it you fly-over country hicks with your grubby little thoughts of family and freedom.

You.Don’t.Count. And we are tired of pretending you do.


Committed Democrats and liberal-leaning interest groups are facing a reality in which any policy gains they achieve are going to come through the profligate use of executive authority, and Clinton is almost uniquely suited to deliver the goods. More than almost anyone else around, she knows where the levers of power lie, and she is comfortable pulling them, procedural niceties be damned.

Liberals need an iron fist in the White House to make progress.

Democrats have almost no chance of securing a majority in the US Senate and even worse odds of securing a majority in the House. So if there is a future for making progressive policy, that future is executive action. […]

But she truly is the perfect leader for America’s moment of permanent constitutional crisis: a person who cares more about results than process, who cares more about winning the battle than being well-liked, and a person who believes in asking what she can get away with rather than what would look best. In other words, as nervous as the rumblings of scandal around her emails make many Democrats, the exact same qualities that led to the server drama are the ones that, if she wins, will make her capable of delivering on the party’s priorities in a way few others could.

Hope the fat little fascist chokes on a free-range chicken wing.

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October 9, 2015

Attention everyone … Tacos are culturally offensive. [Darleen Click]

Drop that cilantro and step away from the taco bar …

Clemson University issued an apology to students on Thursday after what appears to be a small group of students were offended by an annual Mexican cuisine event put on by university dining services.

Clemson Dining’s “Maximum Mexican” night, has become a student favorite over the last several years, and this year was no different, at first.

Everything was going great. Students were loving the food and festivities. Except for two students, who took to Twitter to voice their displeasure with the school’s decision to host such a “#CUlturallyInsensitive” event. […]

Clemson senior Austin Pendergist told Campus Reformhe felt the post-event uproar was “ridiculous.”

“This is something that Clemson Dining has done for years without any sort of backlash. People love the cultural nights in the dining halls,” Pendergist said. “What’s next? Are they going to take away all potato based food as to not offend students from Irish decent? Remove the stir fry station so Asian-American students don’t feel as if they are being misrepresented? When does it end?”

The university, however, took a different position. Dr. Doug Hallenbeck, Clemson University’s Senior Associate Vice President of Student Affairs apologized for the event’s “flattened cultural view of Mexican culture.”

“It is the mission of University Housing & Dining to create supportive and challenging environments that enrich and nourish lives. We failed to live out our mission yesterday, and we sincerely apologize,” Hallenbeck said.

Dr. Hallenbeck went on to promise that the university “will continue to work closely with [its] food service provider to create dining programs that align with Clemson University’s core values.”

Just once I would like to hear the University spokeshole tell these tantrum-throwing brats to grow up or leave. But noooooo… apologies and re-education of the food service people is offered via some of the most cringe-worthy verbosity EVAH.

Yeah, that’ll placate the fucking little SJWs.

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October 9, 2015


Indulge your inner, twisted baker …

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October 9, 2015

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge [Darleen Click]

The inspiration:


A story:

I was in a bad part of town, the room as gloomy as Max’s face. He hunkered over it, jewelers loupe glinting under the single light.

I felt anxious but not unsafe. It would take one of Patton’s Army tanks to breech this hidey-hole. A tattoo of grey-green numbers was visible on Max’s inner arm. One of Life’s hard lessons.


“Oh yes. Beautiful stone, 2 carats, antique cut.”


“Real. Don’t tell me how it got loose from the … owner.”

That worried me. Not the diamond but its setting; a canine tooth – 3 inches long …

… And human.

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October 8, 2015

Limousine Leftists in Hollywood to be investigated by the Feds for sexism [Darleen Click]

Can’t say I’m really worked up by seeing Leftists hoisted up on their own equality-before-individual-rights petard.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has begun contacting female directors to investigate gender discrimination in Hollywood.

In the EEOC letter sent out Thursday, a copy of which was obtained by The Times, the agency asks to schedule interviews with the women, “so that we may learn more about the gender-related issues which you are facing in both the film and television industries.”

In interviews with several of the women who have received letters from the government agency — which is following up on a request the American Civil Liberties Union made in May — the directors said they were grateful that longtime complaints about gender discrimination in Hollywood are being taken seriously.

“It feels historic,” said Lori Precious, a director of commercials and music videos who received a letter from the EEOC. “We were all hoping it would go this far. I’m so tired of hearing, ‘There aren’t qualified women.’ There are qualified women to do every directing job in Hollywood.”

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