April 18, 2016

One of those people Bill Nye wants to put in prison [Darleen Click]

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April 18, 2016

Reason? Logic? Rationality? NOT ON THIS CAMPUS, HATERS! [Darleen Click]

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April 13, 2016

Hi. It’s me, Jeff. And I have something to say.

If you are a Trump supporter you learned nothing from this site, nothing from me, nothing from conservatism, nothing from Classical Liberalism, nothing from constitutionalism, nothing from the entrenched establishment dominance over our vote and our lives, nothing about federalism, nothing about a party system, and nothing about morality, ethics, or consistency. You missed every point about the necessity of retaking language and tethering meaning to its source.

Instead, you’ve embraced the most vulgar form of progressive populism and paranoid isolationism. You’ve embraced the very anti-foundationalism and Alinsky tactics that animate and enable the leftist epistemological paradigm, all in the service of a fraud. You have thrown in — whether you like it or not — with people who have repeatedly accused me of being a puppet of the establishment, a “kike,” a “cuck,” and a race traitor, despite my having worked for years to upend the GOP establishment, to fight the scourge of anti-assimilationist multiculturalism and immigration, to expose the fraud of the diversity project and academic leftism dressed up as pragmatism, to expose the political cynicism of racialism, and to detail the mechanisms behind identity politics’ infiltration into our political orthodoxies at the level of established “truths.”

I have fifteen years worth of archives to speak to my intellectual honesty and commitment to principle. I am proud of those efforts.
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April 12, 2016

Ok, ladies, you want ‘equal pay’? Then get off your lazy asses and … [Darleen Click]

… work longer hours, choose go into careers that are more demanding and/or dangerous and

oh yes …

… stop having babies.

Sound good to you? Or are you just wanting to force that on all those other women who choose a different path?

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April 9, 2016

Ok, I confess. I’m intrigued [Darleen Click]

Maybe Disney won’t suck at this.

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April 9, 2016

NEXT FROM @CBSNews : What role do short skirts play in rape? [Darleen Click]

Those dead people in Brussels had it coming

Days after the deadly Brussels attacks, which killed 32 people at the city’s airport and a metro station, right-wing demonstrators appeared at a memorial to denounce the country’s Muslim community. A week later, police had to intervene when similar right-wing protesters squared off against anti-racism demonstrators. The confrontations underscore an important, though perhaps uncomfortable, question: to what extent does Islamophobia contribute to the atmosphere of isolation that breeds violent radicals?

“When you have no life objectives, no long-term objectives, you try to find your quest for self elsewhere,” explains Tewfik Sahih, a lifelong resident of Schaerbeek, Brussels, the neighborhood in which the bombs used in the Paris and Brussels attacks were made. “Many people feel discriminated [against] here. Some citizens here don’t feel part of the national community.”

Experts tell CBSN that many of Belgium’s disenfranchised Muslims feel more loyalty to their nuclear communities than their country. So, even if they don’t necessarily agree with how certain members of their neighborhood or mosque choose to lash out, they might not be inclined to report those people to the authorities either.

“The mafia protects itself. Hooligans with soccer clubs don’t betray themselves as well. It’s very much a group mentality where you don’t betray,” explains Michael Privot, director of the European Network Against Racism. “The Muslim community feels really under siege. They are victims themselves of hate crimes. So, if you want to really help them make the change from within … you have to give them breathing space … open space for them to build a future.”

Oh, they want to act like criminal gangs but it is their victims who have to give in and give them breathing space?

Uh, no. F**k each and every one of them and their apologists.

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April 8, 2016

Russia bans Polish board game [Darleen Click]


The fraught relationship between Russia and Poland is playing out in an unexpected way: in a conflict over a board game. Russian authorities have decided that a popular Polish game that has been dubbed “Communist Monopoly” disseminates anti-Soviet content, and thus should not be sold in Russia’s stores.

The Russian version of the “Queue,” which simulates the experience of shopping in the empty stores of communist-era Poland, was released in Russia in November 2015. Several months later, the country’s consumer protection agency Rospotrebnadzor informed the game’s Polish producer TREFL that if it does not change the historical content of the game, it would have to take all of its products that are on the Russian market out of circulation, according to IPN, the Polish historical institute behind the game. IPN says that Russians have been allegedly filing complaints to authorities, outraged by a negative description of the communist system, and by the information that the Soviet Union had forcibly installed a communist regime in another country. For Poles, who lived under a Soviet-backed communist regime for nearly five decades, the historical irony is palpable.

IPN refuses to make the changes, and so “Queue” is no longer available in stores in Russia. […]

“Queue” was released in Poland in 2011, with translations into five languages. It aims to show a younger generation of Poles the exasperation of everyday life in communist-era Poland. Players have to buy all the products on their shopping lists in the five stores in the neighborhood–or on the black market. They have to wait for the products to be re-stocked, and in order to advance in the line, they can use cards such as “mother with child.” The game quickly became a hit, drawing long lines to get one, ironically.

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April 7, 2016

Government: Is it Ever Big Enough? [Darleen Click]

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April 6, 2016

Why does @PayPal hate women? [Darleen Click]

PayPal has no problem doing business with oodles of countries where “Death to Gays” isn’t a just a slogan but a reality.

No, I guess that allowing American women and girls to have space where they don’t have to be confronted with naked male genitalia of strangers – restroom or locker room – is just something the PayPal Patriarchy cannot abide.

How special.

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April 5, 2016

Hello? Is this mic on? [Darleen Click]

Sorry for dropping out for a bit … between computer issues (damn you, Microsoft!), countdown to BabyWatch 2016 (#3 preggers with her first, (a girl!) and due in 5 weeks, I’ve been in high-alert grandma mode – co-hostessing a baby shower, finishing a crocheted blanket, did 3 watercolor paintings for nursery … eek) and being generally put off by politics …

… on the other hand, my 87 y/o dad is having a ball … he says as nasty as this all is, it doesn’t quite compare to the Truman/Dewey match up of 1948. In addition, he states listening to Sanders is deja vu to Norman Thomas. Commie Thomas was very popular with the college kids of the day; though since Dad was just starting college at 20 y/o after three years in the army (46-48 in Japan), he figured they were all as sheltered snowflakes as today’s Bernardistas. Dad says this is the most entertaining election he’s experienced.

Yes, entertaining is the word he uses. Heh.

I’ll be back soon … have a couple of other projects that got severely delayed and I need to attend to them. It means a little extra scratch towards our trip to Japan this fall. (yes, I’m also spending time each day learning conversational Japanese, punishment glutton that I am)

Please, I know many of you have posting privileges. Get crackin’!

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