December 10, 2014

Grubering in the first degree [Darleen Click]

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December 9, 2014

About that serious national conversation on race … [Darleen Click]

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December 8, 2014

“I choose to believe Jackie. I lose nothing by doing so, even if I’m later proven wrong.” [Darleen Click]

Jessica Valente (you remember her, the gal who supports Bill Clinton but never had anything to say about believing Juanita Broderick) offers up yet another defense of Narrative Over Facts.

One in five women is sexually assaulted at American universities – so Jackie’s story wasn’t so uncommon.

Jessica trots out a totally bogus statistic and ties it to Jackie, who claims not “sexual assault” (slapped posterior? uninvited kiss? who knows?) but gang-rape on broken glass by seven males as part of a frat initiation.

Really? That’s a common experience for 20% of female college students?

I choose to believe Jackie. I lose nothing by doing so, even if I’m later proven wrong – but at least I will still be able to sleep at night for having stood by a young woman who may have been through an awful trauma.

Just another case of Vagina Warrior narcissism.

This is all about Jessica and how she feels. Her motives are pure, she has the best of intentions. No matter whose lives are affected, as long as Jessica can get a good nights’ sleep, all is right with the world.

Such a special snowflake.


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December 7, 2014

73 years later, it is still “A day that will live in infamy” [Darleen Click]


More than a dozen Pearl Harbor survivors, each more than 90 years old, gathered in Hawaii this week to share stories as they marked the 73rd anniversary of the Japanese attack that killed 2,400 sailors, Marines and soldiers.

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December 6, 2014

Vaginas – what can’t they do? [Darleen Click]

And puh-leeeese don’t call it “objectification”. This is ART.

Art Basil, one of the biggest art shows, which happens every year in Miami, attracts flocks of art collectors, celebrities, and the curious.

But this year, taking things to a new level, a woman placed a battery inside her vagina and offered people the chance to charge their electronics for money.

Pop superstar Usher paid $20 in exchange for a 10-minute power up.

According to TMZ, “The woman wanted to show how humans have become dependent on technology and she felt a super-charged vagina would help make her point.”

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December 5, 2014

Teach women not to lie about rape: Rolling Stone walks back UVA rape story [Darleen Click] UPDATED

We have come to the conclusion that our trust in her was misplaced

Because of the sensitive nature of Jackie’s story, we decided to honor her request not to contact the man she claimed orchestrated the attack on her nor any of the men she claimed participated in the attack for fear of retaliation against her. In the months Erdely spent reporting the story, Jackie neither said nor did anything that made Erdely, or Rolling Stone’s editors and fact-checkers, question Jackie’s credibility. Her friends and rape activists on campus strongly supported Jackie’s account. She had spoken of the assault in campus forums. We reached out to both the local branch and the national leadership of the fraternity where Jackie said she was attacked. They responded that they couldn’t confirm or deny her story but had concerns about the evidence.

In the face of new information, there now appear to be discrepancies in Jackie’s account, and we have come to the conclusion that our trust in her was misplaced. We were trying to be sensitive to the unfair shame and humiliation many women feel after a sexual assault and now regret the decision to not contact the alleged assaulters to get their account. We are taking this seriously and apologize to anyone who was affected by the story.

When the WaPo did the digging Rolling Stone should have, Jackie’s narrative unraveled …

The U-Va. fraternity chapter where the alleged attack on a student named Jackie was said to have occurred in September 2012 released a statement Friday afternoon denying that such an assault took place in its house. Phi Kappa Psi said it has been working with police to determine whether the account of a brutal rape at a party there was true. The fraternity members say that several important elements of the allegations were false.

A group of Jackie’s close friends, who are sex assault awareness advocates at U-Va., said they believe something traumatic happened to her, but they also have come to doubt her account. They said details have changed over time, and they have not been able to verify key points of the story in recent days. A name of an alleged attacker that Jackie provided to them for the first time this week, for example, turned out to be similar to the name of a student who belongs to a different fraternity, and no one by that name has been a member of Phi Kappa Psi.

Reached by phone, that man, a U-Va. graduate, said Friday that he did work at the Aquatic and Fitness Center and was familiar with Jackie’s name. He said, however, that he had never met Jackie in person and had never taken her on a date. He also said that he was not a member of Phi Kappa Psi.

Of course, the usual suspects of the Vagina Warrior Outrage Brigade will not accept this!!

#StompyFoot !!

Actual rape victims have been ill-served by the Left. They have been reduced to just another fodder group upon which the Social Justice Warriors can grind their misandist axes. Amanda, Jessica and Sally show their first concern is politics, not people.

It is who they are, it is what they do.

Rape is a crime and needs to be evaluated and prosecuted under the same standards as murder, assault and theft. Nothing more, nothing less.

BREAKING: “Jackie’s” real name is Roxie Hart

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December 5, 2014

“The White House legend that is Barack and Michelle Obama’s romance is heading to the screen.” [Darleen Click]

Parody is dead.

Southside With You, a drama in the vein of Before Sunrise, chronicles the summer 1989 afternoon when the future President of the United States of America wooed his future First Lady on an epic first date across Chicago’s South Side. Get On Up’s Tika Sumpter will play Michelle Obama (née Robinson), while the search is on to cast the young Barack.

As Presidential lore has it, the date took some convincing. Obama, then an idealistic first-year Harvard Law student, took a summer job as an associate at Chicago law firm Sidley Austin where he fell for lawyer Michelle Robinson, his younger boss. Southside With You spans the day she agreed to go out with him when the two visited the Art Institute, took a long walk, and caught a showing of Spike Lee’s new film, Do The Right Thing. They were married in 1992. […]

“Stephanie and I are excited to produce this smart and timeless film that sheds light on one of the great love stories of our time,” said Bing. “Richard really captures the essence of that romantic connection between Barack and Michelle that is so evident in the way that they look at each other. We are looking forward to finding the perfect Barack.”

When you find him, maybe you could swap him for what’s in White House.

Oh geez ..


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December 5, 2014

Black, female NYPD sergeant led racist execution of Eric Garner

Probably an Aunt Jemimah and a self-hater. Not authentically black, given her decision to go into law enforcement. Snitches getting stitches and all that.

At any rate, I haven’t written on the NY case here, but I did have a discussion on facebook yesterday in which one of my liberal friends concluded that I must be “fine” with murder, so long as it’s to black people. Which goes to show that there is no intellectual curiosity among many white liberals who presume to champion the wretched black man, no wish to defer any conclusions until we see what the grand jury saw — and so in the interim, to trust that the multi-racial, 23-member grand jury was acting, over 4 months of work, in good faith, and with more information and more focus than any of us have. The result of their convening — a no bill, even on lesser charges (which would have been politically expedient) — suggests that, based on the instructions they were given and their understanding of NY law and police protocols, no crime was committed in this case. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t: I haven’t had any opportunity to review the GJ transcripts because most haven’t been released. It only means that it is axiomatic that those who participated in the grand jury proceedings have more information regarding the case than do those of us on the outside looking in — many of whom easily jump to the position that we’re dealing with racist cops and black man who was doing very little worthy of death.

But those who are so quick to conclude that the officer murdered Garner, or at least was responsible for negligible homicide, do so at the expense of claiming more knowledge than the grand jury members charged with deciding whether there was sufficient evidence to indict and prosecute the officer. This isn’t about guilt or innocence. It’s about whether a case should be brought.

These same people also conflate correlation with causation, and introduce red herrings into the discussion: the type of crime committed has no bearing whatever on whether, after resisting arrest, Garner was met with excessive use of force. The choice police had was to either restrain him forcibly or, after he refused to be handcuffed, let him go — the latter of which represents a breakdown of law and order.

All that said, here is, based on what I’ve been able to glean so far (and it is obviously subject to change as more facts come to light), my brief opinion about the case:

Cops didn’t err, from how I understand the arrest / use of force protocols. In fact, they followed use of force protocol and got Garner’s hands restrained behind his back with a minimal use of force (another option at that point was pepper spray, which would have likely resulted in the same respiratory distress; this is moot, however, as it is Monday Morning quarterbacking). This was, then, an accident caused by a number of conditions coming together, but it was precipitated by several non-disputable factors: 1) NY passed confiscatory tax laws on cigarettes which disproportionately take choice away from the poor 2) As a result, Garner found a money-making niche, albeit one that NY made illegal (though they themselves re-sell confiscated non-taxed cigarettes. FOR THE SOCIAL JUSTICE!) 3) local merchants complained 4) Garner, being in conflict with the law, was arrested: police are responsible for keeping law and order. 5) he resisted arrest 6) being a large man, to subdue him required a certain use of force consistent with NYPD protocol. 6) That use of force, coupled with conditions about which the NYPD could not have possibly known — heart disease, asthma, hypertension, et al., — contributed to Garner’s death, as did his weight, which turned a restraint into something that caused trauma to his trachea. This was all noted by the coroner in his report. There is no civil rights case here — just posturing, pandering, surrendering to mobs led by race hustlers, and general political cravenness. There is no criminal case here, as the officer followed protocol. There is nothing here but a tragic death that needn’t have happened, spurred on initially by an iron-fisted, tax-hungry Democratic nanny state. If your complaint is with police protocols, note that the NYC Mayor, an avowed leftist, in September of this year didn’t wish to outlaw “choke holds” by police.

Bottom line: There was no intent to kill Garner, or at least no compelling evidence of such. Garner’s repetition that he couldn’t breathe was based on his positioning and prior health problems, and made worse by the forearm restraint and the application of weight on Garner to keep him subdued. “Choke holds” are mostly misidentified: choke holds are aimed at cutting off air intake and generally amount to a direct attack on the trachea. My own training has me using two fingers to grab around and compress the wind pipe, should I wish to “choke” someone. Strangles, on the other hand, cut of blood to the carotids. And during a well-executed strangle hold (like, eg., a rear naked “choke”), the ability to speak is greatly minimized and often impossible. This is why we see tap outs in MMA: they substituted non-verbal surrender for verbal surrender, the latter having become difficult or outright impossible.

Were I applying a loose strangle hold — a come along, as we call it, to command compliance without doing serious damage — and I heard “I can’t breathe,” I’d know that I was applying the hold loosely and without fear of cutting off blood to the carotids. This is still an effective way to subdue a much larger man — even without causing him to lose consciousness.

Positioning a man of Garner’s size on his stomach is necessary to get him cuffed with his hands behind his back. This is not necessary, obviously, when a person isn’t resisting arrest. Unfortunately, in this instance the weight applied, along with the arm around his neck while he was initially prone, created the conditions for his death.

Sometimes accidents happen. And were I part of the family of the victim I’d lash out too.

But my emotional response wouldn’t change the facts, as they currently line up. A lack of liberty in a world of entrepreneurial spirit led to Garner’s death. It was tragic. It just wasn’t criminal — though I believe many of the “laws” that we pass today are, in fact, just so.

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

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December 5, 2014

Students cheer as four police officers are hit by car, sent to hospital [Darleen Click]

Denver Public schools did not and will not stop the ‘walk-outs’. They consider them “learning experiences”

After a second day of massive student walkouts from high schools, Denver Public Schools officials said they consider the protests “learning experiences,” and they do not plan to try to stop them.

“The Denver Police Protective Association has learned that immediately after the horrible accident yesterday injuring four Denver Police Officers, several parties in the protesting group cheered and chanted “hit him again.” These actions are not only reprehensible but quite possibly the most disturbing thing this Association has ever heard,” a statement released by the police officers’ union Thursday night said.

“This group of high school students not only broke DPS rules by leaving school without authorization, but broke laws of the City and County of Denver and State of Colorado regarding traffic regulations and the right to assemble with a permit. The DPPA recognizes citizens’ rights to assemble lawfully. This, however, was not a lawful assembly, which ultimately cost four Denver Police Officers a trip to the hospital. One of which is in critical condition,” the statement continued. […]

Denver Public Schools released a statement Thursday night. “We have no knowledge of the alleged comments. We would deplore any such comments and will look into the allegation, and would welcome any evidence that would assist us in an investigation. All afternoon yesterday and all day today, students at East expressed their deep concern for Officer Adsit and his family and their appreciation for the police assistance in ensuring student safety during the march.”

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December 4, 2014

Trey Gowdy demonstrates how to fold, spindle and mutilate The Race Card … [Darleen Click]

Can we clone this guy? Please?

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