March 6, 2015

UC Irvine students vote to ban American flag [Darleen Click]

Which is cool — as long as the “students” forgo all American taxpayer money …

The Associated Students of University of California, Irvine (ASUCI) voted Tuesday to remove all flags, including American flags, from an inclusive space on campus because of their offensive nature.

The bill, R50-70, was authored by Social Ecology Representative Matthew Guevara, and accuses all flags, especially, the American flag, of being “symbols of patriotism or weapons for nationalism.”

“[F]lags construct paradigms of conformity and sets [sic] homogenized standards for others to obtain which in this country typically are idolized as freedom, equality, and democracy,” the bill reads.

The legislation argues that flags may be interpreted differently; the American flag, for example, can represent “American exceptionalism and superiority,” as well as oppression.

“[T]he American flag has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism,” the bill continues, arguing that “symbolism has negative and positive aspects that are interpreted differently by individuals.”

And least you think that “inclusiveness” means in anyway tolerance of diversity of ideas, let’s put that to bed right now.

The anti-flag hanging bill adds that free speech, such as flags in inclusive spaces, can be interpreted as hate speech.

“[F]reedom of speech, in a space that aims to be as inclusive as possible[,] can be interpreted as hate speech,” the bill reads.

How special!

As a Californian, I’m really not too surprised by this. UCI has a rather sordid reputation.

Let’s just say where you find anti-semitism, you usually find anti-Americanism.

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March 6, 2015

Bambi enjoys the occasional hotwing, too … [Darleen Click]

Who knew?

Deer aren’t the slim, graceful vegans we thought they were. Scientists using field cameras have caught deer preying on nestling song birds. And it’s not just deer. Herbivores the world over may be supplementing their diets.

When researchers in North Dakota set up “nest cams” over the nests of song birds, they expected to see a lot of nestlings and eggs get taken by ground squirrels, foxes, and badgers. Squirrels hit thirteen nests, but other meat-eaters made a poor showing. Foxes and weasels only took one nest each. Know what fearsome animal out-did either of those two sleek, resourceful predators?

White-tailed deer.

These supposed herbivores placidly ate living nestlings right out of the nest. And if you’re thinking that it must be a mistake, that the deer were chewing their way through some vegetation and happened to get a mouthful of bird, think again. Up in Canada, a group of ornithologists were studying adult birds. In order to examine them closely, the researchers used “mist-nets.” These nets, usually draped between trees, are designed to trap birds or bats gently so they could be collected, studied, and released. When a herd of deer came by, they deer walked up to the struggling birds and ate them alive, right out of the nets.

Nom nom!

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March 6, 2015

Democrat Senator Menendez to be indicted as he emerges as critic of Obama’s Chamberlainesque Iran plan [Darleen Click]

Wow, the timing!

The Justice Department reportedly is preparing to charge New Jersey Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez with corruption counts over allegations he used his office to help a Democratic donor.

CNN and The New York Times reported Friday that the charges are being prepared.

The case against the powerful lawmaker, two years in the making, comes at a sensitive time for Menendez — and the Obama administration. Menendez has been a leading critic of the direction of current diplomatic talks with Iran over its nuclear program, and has helped draft legislation meant to check the administration’s power to negotiate a deal.

As top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — and a Cuban-American lawmaker — he also has criticized the administration’s efforts to normalize ties with Cuba.

The federal case involves Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen, a friend and donor, and allegations of potential favor-trading.

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March 6, 2015

Gun Grabbers: never let a fact interfere with the narrative [Darleen Click]

Gabby Gifford is back in D.C. lobbying for background checks at gun shows. The NRA points out:

Cue Slate to claim this as a “personal attack” and a “new low”.


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March 5, 2015

ObamaNet “it’s intended to catch everybody”. [Darleen Click]

People tend to get what they wish for, good and hard.

TechFreedom held a fireside chat on Feb. 27th with two FCC commissioners, Ajit Pai and Mike O’Rielly, and the two of them concurred that the new regulations are far-reaching, largely unchecked and pose a threat to consumer bills and to innovation in the industry.

Ajit Pai openly questioned what the problem was, saying, “There’s never been a systemic analysis of what the problem with the Internet is. In this order, you see scattered niche examples [Comcast and BitTorrent, Apple and FaceTime, others] all of which were resolved, mind you, through private sector initiatives.” He continued, saying that the FCC’s net neutrality regulatory regime is a solution that won’t work in search of a problem that doesn’t exist.” Essentially, this is, contrary to the assertion of activists and others, a vaguely justified power grab by a government agency.

Mike O’Rielly added, in a bit of humor that “there is a problem, and it’s the document we adopted [Feb. 26].” Neither of them were reticent in explaining exactly how and why the document was the problem. For one, the document was, as Commissioner Pai pointed out, written to solve a problem that wasn’t readily apparent. O’Rielly said the document is “guilt by imagination, trying to guess what will go wrong in the future”; instead of tackling a readily apparent and current issue, the FCC proposal is instead stumbling forward, trying to find future, hypothetical transgressions to retroactively justify its own regulations.

This conspiratorial and wide-ranging thinking on the part of FCC is not a bug, but rather a feature. O’Rielly openly said that “it’s intended to catch everybody”. Pai noted that the FCC was going to centralize powers over what infrastructure was deployed and where through the use of statutes and other laws; O’Rielly mentioned specifically that the FCC was going to “use Section 201 [of the Communications Act] to do it’s dirty work.”

Pai continued, saying that the FCC was largely focused on the ends of Internet regulation rather than the means, and that “a lot of these promises of regulatory restraint are pretty ephemeral.” O’Rielly mentioned that mobile data policies were likely to be subsumed by the new regulations into policies on the wider Internet as a whole. This one-size-fits-all approach ignores the differences in how mobile data is used versus the way the Internet is used by a normal computer or other devices. Many features of mobile service, the two said, could be construed as a company favoring one app or one site over another in terms of data, which would violate the FCC’s standards. […]

The net may be “neutral” but the FCC is most certainly not.

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March 4, 2015

I weep … [Darleen Click]

The wonderful enthusiasm and the absolute certainty of Clarke and Heinlein that the moon landing was just the beginning of new chapter of human exploration into outer space.

… oh, how much we have lost, how far we have fallen.

Not just fallen, but pissing on greatness.

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March 3, 2015

When Community Organizers Negotiate … [Darleen Click]


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March 3, 2015

The Netanyahu speech that Obama & Democrats don’t want you to hear [Darleen Click]

The speech the Lamestream media – aka as Democrat Propaganda Corps – refused to broadcast

Bibi gives a more coherent, intelligent speech in a second language than Obama can in his first.

Predictable, disgusting Democrat meltdown.

Least we forget:


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March 2, 2015

DEA warns Utah of stoned rabbits [Darleen Click]

Just think of the horrors of bunnies with munchies!

Utah is considering a bill that would allow patients with certain debilitating conditions to be treated with edible forms of marijuana. If the bill passes, the state’s wildlife may “cultivate a taste” for the plant, lose their fear of humans, and basically be high all the time. That’s according to testimony presented to a Utah Senate panel (time stamp 58:00) last week by an agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

“I deal in facts. I deal in science,” said special agent Matt Fairbanks, who’s been working in the state for a decade. He is member of the “marijuana eradication” team in Utah. Some of his colleagues in Georgia recently achieved notoriety by raiding a retiree’s garden and seizing a number of okra plants.[…]

Fairbanks said that at some illegal marijuana grow sites he saw “rabbits that had cultivated a taste for the marijuana. …” He continued: “One of them refused to leave us, and we took all the marijuana around him, but his natural instincts to run were somehow gone.”

h/t Emily Zanotti

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March 2, 2015

NOW can someone explain the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism? [Darleen Click]

… because I’m just not seeing it.


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