August 26, 2014

Western Anti-Semitism is led by ‘mainstream’ media [Darleen Click]

The hostile obsession with Jews.

The lasting importance of this summer’s war, I believe, doesn’t lie in the war itself. It lies instead in the way the war has been described and responded to abroad, and the way this has laid bare the resurgence of an old, twisted pattern of thought and its migration from the margins to the mainstream of Western discourse—namely, a hostile obsession with Jews. The key to understanding this resurgence is not to be found among jihadi webmasters, basement conspiracy theorists, or radical activists. It is instead to be found first among the educated and respectable people who populate the international news industry; decent people, many of them, and some of them my former colleagues.

While global mania about Israeli actions has come to be taken for granted, it is actually the result of decisions made by individual human beings in positions of responsibility—in this case, journalists and editors. The world is not responding to events in this country, but rather to the description of these events by news organizations. The key to understanding the strange nature of the response is thus to be found in the practice of journalism, and specifically in a severe malfunction that is occurring in that profession—my profession—here in Israel.

In this essay I will try to provide a few tools to make sense of the news from Israel. I acquired these tools as an insider: Between 2006 and the end of 2011 I was a reporter and editor in the Jerusalem bureau of the Associated Press, one of the world’s two biggest news providers. I have lived in Israel since 1995 and have been reporting on it since 1997.

This essay is not an exhaustive survey of the sins of the international media, a conservative polemic, or a defense of Israeli policies. (I am a believer in the importance of the “mainstream” media, a liberal, and a critic of many of my country’s policies.) It necessarily involves some generalizations. I will first outline the central tropes of the international media’s Israel story—a story on which there is surprisingly little variation among mainstream outlets, and one which is, as the word “story” suggests, a narrative construct that is largely fiction. I will then note the broader historical context of the way Israel has come to be discussed and explain why I believe it to be a matter of concern not only for people preoccupied with Jewish affairs.

For those who have actually paid attention, this essay comes as little surprise. Any foray into social media means meeting people who routinely (and voraciously) blame Israel for everything wrong in the Middle East. Even the initiation of violence by Hamas is Israel’s fault and, of course, when Jews aren’t dieing in “proportional” numbers, that too, is the fault of Jews Israel.

When the people responsible for explaining the world to the world, journalists, cover the Jews’ war as more worthy of attention than any other, when they portray the Jews of Israel as the party obviously in the wrong, when they omit all possible justifications for the Jews’ actions and obscure the true face of their enemies, what they are saying to their readers—whether they intend to or not—is that Jews are the worst people on earth. The Jews are a symbol of the evils that civilized people are taught from an early age to abhor. International press coverage has become a morality play starring a familiar villain.

Some readers might remember that Britain participated in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the fallout from which has now killed more than three times the number of people ever killed in the Israel-Arab conflict; yet in Britain, protesters furiously condemn Jewish militarism. White people in London and Paris whose parents not long ago had themselves fanned by dark people in the sitting rooms of Rangoon or Algiers condemn Jewish “colonialism.” Americans who live in places called “Manhattan” or “Seattle” condemn Jews for displacing the native people of Palestine. Russian reporters condemn Israel’s brutal military tactics. Belgian reporters condemn Israel’s treatment of Africans. When Israel opened a transportation service for Palestinian workers in the occupied West Bank a few years ago, American news consumers could read about Israel “segregating buses.” And there are a lot of people in Europe, and not just in Germany, who enjoy hearing the Jews accused of genocide.

You don’t need to be a history professor, or a psychiatrist, to understand what’s going on. Having rehabilitated themselves against considerable odds in a minute corner of the earth, the descendants of powerless people who were pushed out of Europe and the Islamic Middle East have become what their grandparents were—the pool into which the world spits. The Jews of Israel are the screen onto which it has become socially acceptable to project the things you hate about yourself and your own country. The tool through which this psychological projection is executed is the international press.


h/t William Jacobson

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August 25, 2014

update from Jeff

Today:  to the bank to have funds wired to mortgage company; mother-in-law arrives in town; meet with low-volt people and figure out the security camera install and security system.  Return to Home Depot to pick up clear coat topping for self-applied epoxycoat for interior of garage, to be done asap while the garage is still virgin clean.

Tomorrow:   drop Satch at school; final walk-through at 10 am; closing at 1 pm; return from closing, remove 6 vinyl floors and their adhesive base, 5000 sq feet of carpet, and tear out thin-planked hardwood in kitchen — all in preparation for the trades coming first thing Wednesday to install new hardwood throughout first floor, install heated floors, and lay and grout mosaic tile in 5 areas.

Somewhere in that span I have to figure a way to have the second water heater paralleled, install a grounded outlet, and hang a heated towel rack.

So, in short:   shit just got real.

Also, just realized that we need to have an internet connection (broadband) set up through Comcast before DirecTV can set up our dish and 3 genies.  Which means we also need to come up with a fourth TV in the next week.

I’ve already go the armadillo out hustling, but not unsurprisingly, he comes home claiming poor — even though I can see the blow caked around his snout like a pair of ghostly donuts, and his shell is a bit too “buffed,” if you know what  I mean.’

At any rate, I’m hoping — as I told a reader though email — that sometime early next week life will take it’s foot off my throat momentarily in order to make a 7-11 run for some Gatorade and maybe some teriyaki jerky.  But that respite will be brief.  I sold my desk this weekend and am now typing this from the floor, where I sit, dazed, waiting for it all to end.

Forgive me. And those of you with guest posting privileges go for it.

Also, if you feel like starting the fundraiser for September a bit early, I wouldn’t deter you, though I won’t officially begin the bleg until September 1.  Everything helps at this point, and I’d like to thank the 3 folks who sent along donations this week, even though I didn’t realize it until this morning; for some reason PayPal isn’t emailing me notifications, so if I don’t see it as an alert I don’t realize I’ve gotten it unless I log into PayPal.

I’ll will do what I can to post here and there from my floor this week, but I suspect I’ll be spending a lot of time in the new house getting things prepped for our eventual relocation.  On the plus side, we rented the current house, as I noted elsewhere, and we have a year lease from the renters, so that’s a load off our minds.

Have a good next few days, all.  I’ll check in when I can.

And thanks again to all of you who’ve sent along your support and encouragement — and especially to those of you who are jealous of my new desk, should I ever get it.  I feel like a PLAYAH!

Only, you know, with little bling and no real hos to brag about.  Plus my entourage is a bunch of beets and a brine shrimp.  Making me the celebrity equivalent of that Chris Titus dude.

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August 24, 2014

In socialist utopia Venezuela, fingerprints for toilet paper is Social Justice [Darleen Click]

Think of it as a fluffy Stalinist omlet

In a move that will no doubt help further the Venezuelan government’s aim of establishing a socialist utopian republic, President Nicolas Maduro announced this week that grocery stores will soon begin the mandatory fingerprinting of customers. The peculiar initiative, which could be implemented by the end of the year, is meant to help combat the hoarding and smuggling of government-subsidized goods.

Venezuela exerts stringent currency and price controls on many products in an attempt to keep them affordable for its poorest citizens. Unfortunately, a staggering quantity of this merchandise ends up being secreted out of the country and re-sold at a profit in neighboring Colombia.

The oil-rich nation has been experiencing a chronic shortage of food supplies for a long while. Maduro, who succeeded the late Hugo Chavez, accused the political opposition last year of engineering the country’s shortages with the help of the CIA in order to undermine his government. [...]

Faced with empty store shelves due to the combination of price controls, currency restrictions, and smuggling, Venezuelans are having a hard time finding the basics they need to live. The crisis has spurred the development of an app called Abasteceme (“Supply Me”), which allows shoppers to document and share where they have managed to find products.

The fingerprinting proposal, which critics decried as an invasion of privacy

Privacy? PRIVACY??!!?? What an out-dated, bourgeoisie, imperialistic, patriarchal notion! Honest people have no need for privacy!


and an attempt to institute a Cuban-style rationing program, would be similar to an anti-fraud system Venezuela currently employs during elections,

Voter id is only valid in Progressive socialist nations to keep enemies-of-the-people from reactionary crimes. Those of you in countries that have not repented of your oppressive capitalistic crimes must never, ever use ID of any kind when it comes to voting.

in which voting machines require the validation of a registered fingerprint. The mandatory fingerprinting is intended to prevent shoppers from buying too much of any one item and then reselling inventory bought below cost on a robust black market, or smuggling it out of the country.

Father Hugo, if he could be reached for comment, would approve!

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August 24, 2014

RIP Richard Attenborough [Darleen Click]

He was 90.

Lord Attenborough was one of Britain’s leading actors, before becoming a highly successful director.

In a career that spanned six decades, he appeared in films including Brighton Rock, World War Two prisoner of war thriller The Great Escape and later in dinosaur blockbuster Jurassic Park.

As a director he was perhaps best known for Gandhi, which won him two Oscars.

Lord Attenborough had been in a nursing home with his wife for a number of years, BBC arts editor Will Gompertz said.

He had also been in a wheelchair since falling down stairs six years ago, our correspondent added.

His son told the BBC that Lord Attenborough died at lunchtime on Sunday.

His family is expected to make a full statement on Monday.

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August 24, 2014

British rapper possible murderer of James Foley [Darleen Click]

The unassimilated — because that would be culturally insensitive, imperialistic and just plain RAAAAACIST — chickens are roosting up a storm.

American and British intelligence officials are eyeing a British-born rapper as the militant who beheaded journalist James Foley.

A senior Western intelligence official told Fox News that 23-year-old London rapper Abdel Majed Abdel Bary is the suspect believed to be Foley’s executioner.

U.S. intelligence officials are not commenting publicly on the reports, but a well-placed source told Fox News that Bary’s Egyptian-born father was extradited from London to the United States in 2012 for his alleged connection to Usama bin Laden and the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa.

Bary traveled to Syria last year to fight with ISIS, the source said.

Of course, it’s not like America is immune from fielding ISIS terrorists either.

First revealed by Somali-American journalist Mukhtar Ibrahim in a report for MPR News, Muhumed is one of the latest wave of radicalized young Americans, targeted by ISIS terrorists promoting a chilling phenomenon that security experts have dubbed, ‘Jihad Cool.’

Rap videos, romanticized notions of revolution and adventure and first-hand accounts of the ‘fun’ of guerrilla war are the latest tactics used by militant recruiters as part of what experts have identified as an, ‘intensification of radicalization,’ both in the States and beyond. [...]

A Congressional Research Center study into 18,130 entries in 2,112 online discussions from more than 15 Arabic language jihadist forums has recently revealed that ‘one fifth of all discussions include an explicit call for more terrorist attacks.

‘Overall two thirds of all discussions contain some form of call for our encouragement of terrorist attacks.’

Figures such as Abu Muhammad al Amriki (‘the American’) provide ‘inspirational’ footage in a bid to further the cause and swell numbers. ISIS fighter Al Amriki is one of the more high profile ‘American jihadist’ to have taken to the public stage. Online images of al Amriki abound, as pictures of him heavily armed and posing with his ‘brothers’ in Jihad vie for priority alongside videos of him fighting or proselytizing.

A video posted on YouTube in February shows him speaking in heavily accented English. Though it is not certain from where Abu Muhammad al Amriki originates, he claims to have lived in the States for 10 or 11 years before travelling to Syria and to have fought for the Al Nusrah Front, once affiliated with Al Qaeda, before becoming a jihadist for ISIS.

Not all cultures are equal. We cannot survive as a nation until we insist that our education system stop with the indoctrination of anti-Western Civilization cynicism and we demand assimilation into the American culture as an unconditional requirement of immigration.

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August 23, 2014

Most Transparent Administration EVAH!!: TSA admits lying about allowing illegal aliens to fly without valid identification [Darleen Click]

Houston, we have a problem …

HOUSTON, Texas — The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently penned a letter that confirmed what Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby reported back in July–the agency was allowing illegal immigrants to board planes using only Notice to Appear forms that they received after entering the U.S. illegally. The revelation directly contradicts the TSA’s previous allegations that Darby’s report was “completely wrong.” Reacting to the TSA’s letter, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert told Breitbart Texas that the agency’s handling of the situation are both “egregious” and “destructive.”

“The TSA serves under and is accountable to the Commander in Chief, and this egregious, destructive conduct by the Homeland Security Department and TSA puts Americans at grave risk,” Gohmert said. “Why do we have to undergo groping, thorough review of our photo ID’s, and long infernal lines while the TSA is figuratively closing it’s eyes and waving people with no regard for U.S. law right onto airplanes?”

The congressman continued, “Maybe the President didn’t hear SOUTHCOM Commander, Gen. John Kelly, both times he made clear in Congressional testimony that the criminal networks and terrorist organizations penetrating our southern border are a threat to the very existence of the United States. That includes being a threat to whatever golf course the President happens to be on at the time.”

Heck of a job, Barry!

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August 22, 2014

Milwaukee County Sheriff calls out Eric Holder [Darleen Click]


Popcorn, anyone?

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August 22, 2014

“ISIS Jihadi Who Threatened To Raise Flag Of Allah In White House Is Dead”

So I guess he’ll be needing a proxy to raise that flag now.  And yes, I’m holding back the urge to say, “like, maybe Obama?”


At any rate, I sure do hope those 72 virgins are cool with his showing up in Islamic Heaven with half a skull, some twisted limbs, and his goody bits blown off.  Or else he’s shit out of luck.

– Which, it’s his own fault for not figuring that there just had to be a catch…

(h/t Pat Dollard)

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August 22, 2014

Don’t you dare ‘parentify’ your child, you monster! [Darleen Click]

After a mom was arrested because she let her 7 year old play at a nearby park without her, psychotherapist Karen Ruskin was asked to weigh in.

Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

First off, Ruskin’s tone runs almost hysterical in her rant that children should never be left alone for any moment of their lives until, maybe, 11/12/13 years old … and then, only inside the home and only in “short spurts”, like maybe 30 minutes or so.

If the environment in which you leave your child isn’t “safe and predictable”, you’re abdicating your parental responsibilities; you are expecting your child to assume some of these responsibilities for themselves in an act of “parentification”.

Um, I thought the whole purpose of parenting was to give ever increasing responsibilities to your child in order for them to grow into adulthood? Silly, [criminal] me!

Ruskin aggressively asserts that not wrapping your kids in a cloak of smothering, 24/7, direct supervision equals “not caring.”

I want to know if she, herself, is in current therapy. If not, why the hell not?

h/t Free range kids

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August 22, 2014

A knock knock joke Obama might not like

Knock knock, Mr President.

Who’s there?

ISIS. Or ISIL. Your choice.

ISIS or ISIL who?

Dude, seriously?  We just cut off a guy’s head on film, have plans to do so to another, and threatened to raise our flag over your White House.  Do you not get cable TV?

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